US could look at natural gas sanctions as Iran oil exports dip

Brenda ShafferSenior Advisor for EnergyFoundation for Defense of DemocraciesWashington, May 11, 2020The Trump administration’s maximum pressure campaign is having a significant impact on Iran’s macroeconomic stability and draining the government’s export earnings and reserves. As Iranian oil exports plunge, Iran’s regional and non-oil trade remains an important sanctions target. Iran is the world’s third-largest producer of natural gas, and it holds the world’s second-largest gas … Continue reading US could look at natural gas sanctions as Iran oil exports dip

The financial consultant

Sudeep Sonawane, April 2007 –  RIIIIIIIIIIIING, riiiiiiinnnnng. .. “Hello?”“Haallo! Is it the Editor?” said the unfamiliar voice.“Yes! It is he!”“He?? Err… em. . . hmmm. .. I would like to speak with you!”“You are already speaking!”A moment of silence followed.“Hmmm. .. I would like to meet you,” said the man.“You are welcome to my office,” I replied.“Day after tomorrow, preferably in the morning. May I … Continue reading The financial consultant

Burman stumps the runner

By Sudeep SonawaneNovember 14, 2002Mumbai Mail’s editorial office was quiet except for the staccato of journalists typing on computer keyboards. Vasant Dev entered the sports department with a cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth. Ricky Burman ignored him and continued rewriting the headline for an agency report. Barcelona Football Club’s 3-1 victory over Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League match elated him. … Continue reading Burman stumps the runner

Indian restaurants add spice to living in Qatar

By Sudeep SonawaneJune 2014Around half past seven in the evening, the middle grade Indian restaurant in Najma,(1, Notes) Doha, buzzes with life. Waiters scurry around attending diners either conversing with one another, eating or waiting for their order.Amid this bustle, a fraillooking waiter stands quietly in the aisle, head bowed, as the diner scolds him in Hindi.“Mei yahan dus minute say baitha hoon, aur tumh … Continue reading Indian restaurants add spice to living in Qatar

Clearcut strategy needed: Sheikha Hanadi

Qatar News AgencyMay 31, 2010Doha: The Global Redesign Summit should brainstorm and spell out a clear cut strategy for global co-operation and sustainable economic development, one of the top businesswomen of the region said here on the first day of the two-day event under the aegis of the World Economic Forum.Leading Qatari businesswoman, Sheikha Hanadi bint Nasser bin Khalid Al Thani said in an exclusive … Continue reading Clearcut strategy needed: Sheikha Hanadi

Three Gujarati men from three continents meet in Doha

By Sudeep SonawaneDoha, Qatar, June 19, 2016.I sense a languid mood on entering Gokul Gujarati Restaurant. There are no diners. The silence and compressor cooled air is a relief from the 44 degrees heat, and the hum of car tyres on the sun-baked Ibn Mahmoud Street in Fereej bin Mahmoud, Doha. A couple of expressionless waiters stand, leaning against the wall next to the kitchen. … Continue reading Three Gujarati men from three continents meet in Doha

BP Oman’s Ghazeer projects hits home stage

Muscat, 7 February 2020 The second phase of BP Oman’s multibillion-dollar gas development in Block 61 in central Oman is in the “final stages”, according to a top official representing the energy supermajor in the Sultanate, reports Oman Daily Observer newspaper’s senior journalist Conrad Prabhu. BP Oman President Yousuf Al Ojaili said this in a Tweeter message welcoming on Tuesday Ministry of Oil & Gas … Continue reading BP Oman’s Ghazeer projects hits home stage

New health index adds efficacy to diabetes treatment

Ahmedabad, August 5, 2019 – A group of medical doctors presented here on Tuesday the efficacy of a new health index that helps experts to effectively treat patients with diabetes condition using an integrated approach.Ahmedabad-based Diabetes Care India Founder Dr Banshi Saboo, the lead author of the Blue Index Health Score (BIHS) along with Dr Sanjiv Pathak and Dr Dharmendra Panchal, made the presentation.Dr Saboo, … Continue reading New health index adds efficacy to diabetes treatment

British programmer rescues Indian journalist

By Sudeep SonawaneOctober, 2017The two passengers sat pensively on the back-seat of the Volkswagen Passat cruising at 120 kmph on Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway. The well-built driver, wearing Police sunglasses, periodically glanced at the rear-view mirror. He looked down every time the car sped past security cameras along the highway.Republic Agents Worldwide Deputy Commander Mumtaz Qureshi finished reading the message on her unbranded device that looked … Continue reading British programmer rescues Indian journalist